Our Love Story

Mike and I met in 1997.  I had just graduated from high school and had been working to save money for a backpacking trip across Europe with a girlfriend.  After saving a lot of money, my friend backed out of the trip.  All of a sudden I had no one to travel with and I wasn’t courageous enough to do it all by myself.

At about the same time, Mike was going through a divorce.  He had only been married for a year when the marriage tanked.  He was looking for an escape so he could put his head back together and was planning to drive to Mexico with his very good friend Melody and her dog Polar.

As luck would have it, my brothers knew Melodie’s brother and they put me in touch with her.  Fortunately for me, Mike and Melody were thinking about bringing along a third person so they could bring down their expenses.  We all met up for coffee, made our plans, and a few months later we were happily driving a beat up Ford Econoline van while we belted out Cake and Tori Amos tunes.

It was a three month trip of exploring, sight seeing, lazy beach days, card games, and falling in love.  It took Mike and I about two weeks of getting to know each other before we started to get lovey dovey and we haven’t looked back since.

Six years later we were married, and we have now been together for an amazing, love filled thirteen years.


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