About Us

My name is Amy, my husband is Mike, and our wonderful children are Lan and Kayden.

Before we had children, Mike and I traveled a lot together.  We drove a camper van to Mexico (twice), Guatemala, Belize, America, and across Canada.  Then we took almost 10 months for our honeymoon backpacking around South East Asia.  It was on our honeymoon, with plans of little ones in the near future, that we decided we wanted to set up a lifestyle where we would travel the world with our family.  For the last six years we have been working towards the goal of picking up and leaving the familiar and comfortable life we have in Canada for a life of adventure in the wide world.

We want to teach our children all of the things we learned while traveling.  The world is small but wondrous, people are inherently good, materialism should never be a primary goal, and love is living.

Amy is the writer of this blog, mother extraordinaire, and passionate traveler.  She loves noodles for breakfast, make-you-think books, going against the grain, and making silly faces.  She is a stay-at-home homeschooling mommy who is trying to find that precarious balance of being a good mom without losing herself in the process.

Mike is the kind of guy who can always make you laugh.  His witty, satirical humor will always give your stomach muscles a work out.  He is a Journeyman Carpenter by trade and loves to build things with his own two hands.  He is also an amazingly talented artist and hopes this trip will give him the spare time he needs to explore his art.

Lan is an amazingly bright and spirited boy.  He loves to learn about the world, natural disasters, dinosaurs, space, and most importantly Star Wars.  He loves building amazing and imaginative things out of Lego and he loves all things spooky!

Kayden loves anything to do with sports.  He is the type of boy who longs to be in the great outdoors.  He is also our little ‘Dennis the Mennis’ and performs amazing acts of dare devil bravery that sets our hearts racing.  He will climb anything and everything without fear of falling (or of mommy completely freaking out!)


2 Responses to About Us

  1. grandma Cindy says:

    Amy, what can I say. Your words are inspiring and there is nothing more a mother and grandmother could ever want in this world than to know there is YOU, taking care of my child, Mike, and my grandchildren Lan and Kayden. You are a gift from the heavens! You are also a soul of the earth, and with your example and determination the earth can only get better. Thank you Amy for you! All our love and appreciation, Cindy

  2. Nadine says:

    Dear Amy and Mike and family and of course also dear Cindy great mother-in-law (you are such a nice mother-in-law, Amy and Mike, you are so lucky) !!!!
    We received your email and read your entries on your blog and we can feel the excitement and spark that you have about this world. It’s refreshing and we wish you good luck! You are right, there are others out there like you and other families like you, so concentrate on being you, doing good, being a good example and inspiration to others and don’t worry about your brother not putting his recycling in the recycling bin. One day he will… some people just need time. We cannot force our lifestyle onto others as well as we don’t want their lifestyle. There is no right and wrong.
    Anyway, we like your lifestyle very much and we are similar to you: wear lots of second hand clothes, have no tv, no car, are vegetarians, travel very slowly, try to avoid planes, even use the mooncup (during my time of the month…). We recently had a lot of thoughts about leaving, traveling, living a life on the road and the price we pay for this. I put our thoughts about it on our website if you like to read them… you are of course welcome. We believe that travelling should not be for recreation, but for doing something good in this world.
    I will be happy to follow your travels and hope that our paths will cross one day. We will be leaving China in January and we’ll be off traveling again ourselves. We are not sure where yet, this can be decided last minute. Where ever life will take us…
    I will also be interested to read about your unschooling. Our home-schooling is going all right, but it’s neither great, nor bad. Our boys are very average learners – just normal kids – and we had to make our home-school into a “real” school with set times, schedules, rules etc. otherwise it would have never worked for us. Our boys would have simply ended up playing all day and times tables and essays etc. simply don’t just fall into their brains whilst playing lego… I suppose all parents/children are different. I will be interested to read about your experiences in that matter.
    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your travel preparations and good luck for selling the house!
    Nadine and family

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