First Step

Goodbye Family Car!

Well, it is all starting to seem a little more real now.  We sold the car!  It’s our first step in a long to-do list to get ready for our adventure.  This is the car we bought when I was pregnant with Lan.  Before that we had a two door sprint and we really wanted a four door “family” car.  This is the car that we drove to the hospital in for both my deliveries, the car we used to usher the kids to Dr. appointments and playdates, shopping trips and dinners out.  And while there is a small part of me that is sad to see it go, the rest of me is shouting WOO HOO!!!!  It has begun!  It is real!  We are on our way!  Now all we have to sell is the Westfalia and the house.  Should be easy right?


About loveisliving

A mother of two, an environmentalist, and a world traveler. Packing up the kiddies and letting the world be their teacher.
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2 Responses to First Step

  1. Nadine says:

    I can understand your sentiments, but the memories will stay with you even when the material has gone. We have lived without a car for a very long time and it feels very good! I used to arrive at work on my bicycle (we transported our children in a bicycle trailer), and even if I was drenched from the rain, I was feeling good from the fresh air and exercise, whilst the others arrived stressed from spending time in their heated cars and traffic jams.
    Well done for making the first step! And good luck for selling the other things.

    • loveisliving says:

      Thanks Nadine! Unfortunately, living without a car is hard to do in rural Canada. Our public transportation is virtually non-existent and while it is easy for me to walk into our small town, going to the next town or even visiting grandma would be next to impossible without a car! It’s unfortunate that we have set ourselves up this way but Canada is just such a huge country. Hopefully in the future there will be better public transport and more people can do away with their gas guzzlers.

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