Hello world!

Here’s the plan…..In February of 2011 we will be putting our house on the market.  When it sells (hopefully very quickly) we will be taking our two children on an amazing, open ended adventure.  Where we go first will ultimately depend on the timing of our home’s sale, but we do know that we will  end up and concentrate on South East Asia.  Our plans are very flexible.  We plan to travel very slowly and really take the time to immerse ourselves in culture and above all to enjoy each other.

So our adventure could be starting in as little as seven months and it is time to start the preparation.  I will be blogging about the steps leading up to departure as well as my random thoughts about voluntary simplicity, the environment, our children, and life in general.


About loveisliving

A mother of two, an environmentalist, and a world traveler. Packing up the kiddies and letting the world be their teacher.
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Shelly Stetsko says:

    Can’t wait to “follow” you cous’. Perhaps I am a bit envious too, but I know you understand completely and it is not in negative way at all. I can’t wait for our Sept. visit.
    From your meat eating, lawn sprinkling cousin 😉


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